Detroit K-9 Pet Supplies: Blog Channelhttp://detroitk-9.comCompany blogs, tips and how-tos K-9 Pet Supplieshttp://detroitk-9.comen-USCopyright 2018, Detroit K-9 Pet SuppliesFri, 21 Sep 2018 12:36:32 -0400Fri, 21 Sep 2018 12:36:32 -0400http://www.newmediaretailer.comHeartworm Prevention in Petsblog_594701535796960 is a very serious and potentially deadly disease that can affect all breeds of dogs at any age. This parasite has also been reported more rarely in cats and ferrets, and it is wise for any pet owner to take precautions to protect their pet.BlogsSat, 01 Sep 2018 06:16:00 -0400Are Pet-Accompanied Workouts the Next Fitness Craze?blog_594711535796960 benefits of exercise are well-documented, and as we struggle to stay fit, fitness crazes come and go.BlogsSat, 01 Sep 2018 06:16:00 -0400Cool Pet Tips for the Dog Days of Summerblog_589111533114000 is a great time to enjoy all sorts of outdoor fun, but when temperatures rise too high, conditions can become uncomfortable and even dangerous for pets. Conscientious pet owners, however, can take easy steps to keep their pets cool and safe even on the hottest days.BlogsWed, 01 Aug 2018 05:00:00 -0400Can You Recognize the Signs of Dehydration in Animals?blog_589121533114000 cannot tell their owners when they are thirsty, and recognizing the signs of dehydration in different animals is crucial for pet owners, farmers and livestock handlers to ensure the animals are properly hydrated to stay healthy, particularly during hot summer months.BlogsWed, 01 Aug 2018 05:00:00 -0400What to Do If Your Pet has an Ingrown Nailblog_582321530432000 ingrown nail can be painful for your pet, and if left untreated, could lead to sores, infections or in severe cases, even lameness or more severe complications. Fortunately, it is easy to deal with ingrown nails and keep your pets on sure footing.BlogsSun, 01 Jul 2018 04:00:00 -0400Does Your Cat Have Ear Mites?blog_582331530432000 mites can be uncomfortable, even painful, for your cat, and recognizing the signs of ear mites is essential so you can get your feline friend the proper treatment to eliminate these irritating parasites.BlogsSun, 01 Jul 2018 04:00:00 -0400Pet Safety at the Beachblog_574321527858540 day at the beach can be fun for you and your pet, but is it safe? There can be more threats and hazards on the beach than many pet owners realize, but there are easy ways to keep your pet safe as you both enjoy the outing.BlogsFri, 01 Jun 2018 09:09:00 -0400Keep Ticks and Fleas Away from Your Petblog_574311527858420 love summertime, but the worst part is by far the bugs. Bugs like fleas and ticks are most prominent during the warmer seasons and can wreak havoc on your pet if not handled properly. Fleas, for example, can swarm in masses and quickly infest your pets and home.BlogsFri, 01 Jun 2018 09:07:00 -0400How to Control Bad Dog Behaviorblog_568371525165200 dog owner wants their canine companion to be well-mannered and obedient, but there will always be times when a dog's behavior is anything but perfect.BlogsTue, 01 May 2018 05:00:00 -0400How to Safely Treat a Pet With Mangeblog_568381525165200 your pet has mange can be frightening, but this skin disease is very treatable and there are simple steps you can take to safely treat a pet with mange without risk of worsening or spreading the infection.BlogsTue, 01 May 2018 05:00:00 -0400