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Carefresh Complete Menu Mouse & Rat Food

SKU: 501588 UPC: 066380002201 Manufacturer: Absorption Corp Model: 100220

No artificial colors, fillers, or animal by-products. Stabilized vitamin c essential for the health of guinea pigs. Amino acids for healthy growth and development. Anise to support your pet s immune system. Vitamins and trace minerals help support increased biological activity.

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Features a high fiber, low protein diet, without excessive calcium. Ingredients: Timothy Grass Hay, Orchard Grass Hay, Brome Grass Hay, Alfalfa Hay Suncured, Ground Corn (Source Of Omega 6), Soybean Meal, Oat Groats, Wheat Mill Run, Ground Barley, Split Green Peas, Ground Peas, Carrot Dehydrated, Canola Meal, Yeast Culture, Etc. Unit Size: 4.5 Pound