Choosing The Right Dog Food

Whether you've acquired a new dog or whether you've decided you want to change your current dog’s food, you should do some research. Different dog foods have different ingredients that are essential for the health of different aged and sized dogs. Here are some ways to conduct your research:

Look around
Go to a few potential places where you would typically purchase dog food and bring a pad of paper and a pen with you. Look at the different types and write the brands down. Under each brand, write down any ingredients that you see that may be unique to that particular type of food.

Internet research
Go on the internet and look up these different types of foods. You may find yourself lucky enough to find some consumer reviews about the luck that people have had – or not had – with that particular brand of food.

Ask your friends
The best words of advice typically come from people that you know. If they have a dog, ask them what kind of success they’ve had with the food they use. The formula may not be the same because they have a different type of dog, but this word of mouth advice might help your research.

Consult your vet
Once you have chosen a food that you feel will fit your dog’s needs, ask your veterinarian about their thoughts on it. You should also ask for suggestions on how to slowly introduce your dog to the new diet once you have chosen it.