How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Dirt

If your dog is eating dirt, it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with him, but you should keep an eye on him to watch for other telling signs of an underlying problem. The problems could range from having gastric issues, mineral deficiency, to just being bored, but either way you need to address the issue. Here are some ideas on getting your dog to stop eating dirt:

Visit a Vet
If your dog has never exhibited this behavior before you should bring him to a veterinarian immediately. They will be able to diagnose what, if anything, is wrong with the dog’s normal functions.

If nothing is physically wrong
Your dog’s problem may be behavioral in nature. To stop him from eating dirt may just require a little more activity such as walks, playing catch, etc. Having chew toys to play with should also keep his mind (and his mouth) stimulated.

If the behavior continues…
If it seems like you’ve done everything possible to try and alleviate the problem but nothing has worked, consult your vet. Something he may suggest is crate training your dog for the times when you are not able to supervise him.